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If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new way to play fantasy football that turns the season long grind into quick hitting one week leagues. And the best part is that you can win cash every single week. You draft a team for one week and get paid out when the Monday Night Football game ends.

Listen, we like you. We do. And, we need more of you, readers that is. Sign up, and then forward it to friends asking them to sign up. Right after the draft tonight Rob and Scott will mock the second round and newsletter subscribers will get the Round 2 mock in their inbox bright and early. Enjoy the draft!

I’ve spent a lot of time in San Fran and there may be nothing I love
more than visiting Fisherman’s Wharf and eating fresh crabs, calamari,
scallops, and soup. So how about we tie it all together and introduce
you to San Francisco style Cioppino? Cioppino is like a seafood stew of
sorts and it is delicious. Since it is Monday Night Football this
recipe is dual functioning, you can make it at home or for a tailgate.
If you are going to tailgate you can make the base ahead and grill
your seafood on the black top then pull it all together. As always and
despite the daunting amount of ingredients, our tailgate recipes are
EASY and can be mostly made ahead. So give it a go!!

The Bayou with be bumping tonight as the Saints look to defend their Super Bowl title against the still seething Minnesota Vikings. I’m guessing the New Orleans tailgate scene started at least 48 hours ago and will continue through the weekend as Bourbon street never sleeps. As a lifelong suffering Vikings fan I’m praying that the nation of Mardi gras bead wearing Saints fans will be go home crying into their Gumbo pots – but I digress.

As it turns out, they really only do eat Chowder in New England – interesting. NEW ENGLAND CLAM CHOWDA Ok, you’re right, it’s cliché but when you think of frozen tundra and a bowl of warm deliciousness there’s Chili and there’s Chowda!!! A good tailgater needs to utilize  Read More…

The football bas not been great in St. Louis if late, let’s hope the food is. Sean, the FFSpin Chef, is a former reality TV personality and TV chef. Every week he conjures up a delicious recipe from the town of the team we do our Thursday focus on. Bon Appetit.

Maybe my favorite BBQ is sliced Beef Brisket. There are two main categories for BBQ brisket- Pulled and Sliced. Pulled BBQ gets coated with tons of BBQ sauce and put on a roll but true brisket focuses on the delicious flavor of the beef and accents it with  Read More…

Sean got his 15 minutes of fame on Average Joe and then afterward when he came home, dropped over 100lbs, and resumed his career as a Chef. Sean toured the country with the Men’s Fitness Fittest and Fattest Cities Tour and has been the morning show chef for Philadelphia’s NBC affiliate and Comcast’s CN8 Network. Check the Tailgate section of FFSpin.com for all of his recipes to date. Enjoy.

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