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We asked Spin Nation what their plan was for the first round of the draft – particularly if they were drafting in the 2nd half of the round.

Here’s how we framed the question…

As we’ve been saying this is a tough year to be drafting outside the top three picks. There are three clear, easy choices in this year’s daft, but after Arian Foster, Lesean McCoy, and Ray Rice the decisions will really begin for drafters. Calvin Johnson and Aaron Rodgers comprise the next two picks in most drafts but after them it varies widely.

Maurice Jones-Drew is a beast, a little (by football terms but not by human terms, I mean, he’s be the biggest strongest soccer player in the history of the sport, so it’s all relative) mound of muscle that batters defenses. Having said that, we know what happens to running backs when they hold out and none of it’s good. Now, MJD isn’t Chris Johnson.

We asked our readers (who are intelligent and kind and, um… handsome and will surely buy our FantasyFootballCrystalBall.com premium product when we unveil the new version for 2012…) based on ADP which running backs were overvalued.  The options were Trent Richardson, Demarco Murray, Fred Jackson, and Marshawn Lynch.  Read More…

As we all know there is always turnover at the top of the fantasy football rankings – at every position.  Quarterback is not exempt from the pattern.  Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady seem like locks to finish in the top five if they stay healthy, but  Read More…

We asked readers where the unhappy wide receiver should be drafted right now. Where he is drafted now and where he will be drafted come August are probably two very different things. Either he will be signed and in camp and his average draft position (ADP) will shoot up or he will still beholding out and his fantasy stock will be plummeting. Currently his ADP is 36.5 overall and Wallace is the 12th WR to come off boards on average.

Earlier we updated Mike Wallace’s situation and gave our Fantasy Football Spin on his fantasy value. He does not come without a bit of a risk this season. Wallace is asking for elite WR money and the Steelers are unlikely to give in to his “Larry Fitzgerald-like” contract demands. This could turn into a hold out and we have seen what happens to wide receivers who hold out of camp – injuries.

So, we ask…

Looking at the early rankings for 2012 these four QBs consistently reside just outside of the top 12. Every year there is a lot of turnover in the top 12 at QB, so it stands to reason that at least one of these four signal callers will elevate their games enough to rank as fantasy starters on a weekly basis. Who will it be?

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