New England Patriots

The official timeline for Rob Gronkowski’s return is 4-8 weeks. Albert Breer and others are saying that Gronk will be pushing to return in Week 14 after just 2 weeks missed. We find that unlikely. If he does return in Week 14 then he will have a couple challenging matchups against the 49ers who are surrendering the 4th fewest fantasy points per game to tight ends (5.9) and the Texans who are not quite as tough, but are still only giving up 7.9 fantasy points per game.

Holy BYE week issues! Check out these big names that will be relaxing on Sunday. Lesean McCoy will be home wondering why Andy Reid doesn’t use them. Michael Turner may be shopping for chairs large enough to contain his giant caboose. Reggie Bush will be polishing his real Heismann trophy wondering if they will ever catch on to the fact that he returned a fake one made out of chocolate. Ryan Mathews will be trying not to get injured during the off week and I have nothing witty to say about Willis McGahee and Jamaal Charles.

With week 4 now officially in the books – oh wait did Romo just complete another pass to the Bears defense ? Today we take a look at the insightful and always amusing tidbits from as they sum up the good, the bad and the unexpected from this past week.

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