Washington Redskins

With only a month left in many leagues and trade deadlines fast approaching, today we present an article from DynastyLeagueFootball.com that profiles a few players that you should put On the Block in hopes of capitalizing on their success over the first half of the NFL season. This article mentions that it’s dynasty centered but a few of these players should be offered if you are planning for the 2012 stretch run.

The Redskins won’t begin to recoup on their hefty investment in Pierre Garcon in Week 9. With the week 10 BYE coming up there is a good chance that Garcon will able to return in Week 11.

The Redskins overpaid for Pierre Garcon and after one half of football it liked they were getting what they paid for. Garcon exploded early in week one for 109 yards and 1 TD on 4 receptions. Since then he has just 4 catches and 44 receiving yards. Garcon has spend more time on the sidelines than in the games. Reports now indicate that he has a plantar plate tear in his right foot.

We generally cover football player news not glorified soccer player news but the fact remains that kickers are sort of people too and they play a role in fantasy football. So, here goes – Billy Cundiff (Charlie Brown) had the football pulled away from him by the Redskins (Lucy) and the new Charlie Brown is Kai Forbath.

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