John Clayton has reported that the Falcons going easy on Michael Turner to preserve the health of their franchise back.  Turner suffered a high ankle sprain in 2009 which limited him to only 178 carries.  The massive workload of 370 carries from 2008 may have had something to do with his body breaking down in 2009.  It is worth noting that even though the Falcons organization had claimed they would keep Turner to under 300 carries in 2009, but he was on track for over 300 carries when he went down with a high ankle sprain.



Saying Turner won’t carry the ball 300 times and actually taking the ball out of his hands when he is the best option to win games is another story.  Turner has trimmed down from a self reported 260 to a more comfortable playing weight of 244.  He has had the entire off season to recover and will be 100% by the training camp and the start of the season.  The fact that Turner is not much of a pass catcher means that limited carries could hurt Turner’s value more than other backs.  But, the fact remains that Turner is going to get 300 carries and maybe more.

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2 Responses to “Falcons Say They Will Keep Turner Under 300 Carries. Will it Happen?”

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  2. I invision the dirty birds playing Turner as often as needed to win. There are some big expectations this year!

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