We’ve covered the newest ex-con to re-enter the league almost on a daily basis.

There are no shortage of teams that will show interest although if you listen to his always truthful  agent Drew Rosenhaus – all 32 NFL teams are clamoring to knock down Burress’ door and fly him to their facility ala Brett Favre. Todays update in the As the Plax Turns soap opera centers on Burress taking his red zone prowess to the land of 10,000 lakes which makes sense if Sidney Rice exits via free agency. The outcome of the new CBA  will determine whether Rice will be restricted or unrestricted which will  gauge his potential to leave Minnesota. 


Many expect that the new CBA will keep 4-year vets restricted meaning a team would have to sacrafice a 1st round pick and a lucrative contract to Rice - a major roll of the dice on a WR  that flopped in 2010 following hip surgery (some contend its a longer term concern with arthritis a possibility but Rice and captain honesty Rosenhaus vehemently denied those rumors and claimed we was close to 100%).  

There are signs that Minnesota is unsure whether Rice will return as first year OC Bill Musgrave failed to include Rice’s name when discussing the passing game in an interview last week. Rice has also expressed his desire to test his market value and if unrestricted he could very well go to the highest bidder leaving the Vikings with a major void at WR.

Ultimately Vikings GM Rick Spielman will pull out all the stops to retain the services of Rice as the 24 year old remains a dynamic talent and potential building block for an offense looking to get younger. If they lose Rice via free agency, Burress’ 6-5 frame would be a welcomed addition but at 33 years old I’m not sure that’s the direction Minnesota will take. Character concerns have hindered Minnesota in the past and Leslie Frazier appears to be instilling a no nonsense locker room (hopefully Shiancoe keeps his towel on this year) in hopes of avoiding Love Boat Part Deux – I’m not sure the addition of the NY gunslinger would be advisable despite his red zone prowess.

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