The San Diego Times-Tribune reported that Chargers GM A.J. Smith may be willing to part with oft-disgruntled (not to mention oft-drink-behind-the-wheel) receiver VJax.  It’s interesting that the Chargers would express a willingness to ship Jackson out of town when they essentially wasted a season last year with him by holding on to him through his contract dispute and hold out.  Jackson has said he is willing to play under the franchise tag for 2011 but is not signed.


Rotoworld points out that the rumors of Charger interest in Carolina wideout Steve Smith adds a an interesting twist.


From a fantasy perspective Vincent Jackson is most valuable in San Diego.  Unless he ends up in New England or on another team with an elite offense and QB he will not get the nearly the numbers he could get in the Chargers offense with Philip Rivers.  But, the Chargers must have a feeling that Jackson plans on leaving after playing one season under the franchise tag and may want to get something for him.  They would reportedly be seeking a second round pick and maybe even conditional picks in exchange for Jackson.  That kind of trade compensation paired with the salary Jackson will be looking for and the fact that one more slip up would mean serious penalties and missed games, maybe even a missed season, under the league’s substance abuse program will make Jackson harder to trade.  If the Chargers land a WR in free agency, like Sidney Rice or Braylon Edwards, it may drop their asking price for Jackson.

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