is new to the Fantasy Football Crystal Ball Accuracy Challenge and we are very happy to have them.  If you are into daily fantasy gaming Fantazzle is a fantastic place to do it.  Zachary Fluewelling took the time to answer the five questions we put to all of the expert sites participating in the 2011 Fantasy Football Crystal Ball Accuracy Challenge and you can see his replies below…

1.  What offensive player(s) do you see as undervalued based on ADP at this point?

Matt Forte: Forte is going late in many 2nd rounds and even as late as the 3rd round. Forte will be the vocal point of the offense and with Mike Martz as the coordinator, we all now how that could/should go (Marshall Faulk).


2.  Free agency is going is to be very compelling this year.  Many fantasy footballers are going to have to draft their teams before the picture becomes entirely clear.  Looking at the players that will be changing teams, via free agency or trade, who do you expect to make a big fantasy splash and with what team?

Mike Sims-Walker should be a huge sleeper this year going to the Rams, but I think another NFC West player could be even bigger: Braylon Edwards. Edwards has a completely incentive based contract (if you discount that small $1 million base salary) and should look to earn his money by putting up touchdowns and big receiving yards. Only question is, can Alex Smith help him earn it?


3.  There are some aging running backs that experts are speculating may have too much wear and tear and may be on a downward slide.  Where do you rank Micheal Turner, Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, and MJD? Do you expect any of them to really disappoint in 2011?

I think all of these running backs will have good-to-great years, but the one who sticks out as a do-not-draft guy to me is Steven Jackson. The Rams picked up Jerious Norwood and Cadillac Williams in the off-season, and there has to be a reason why, right?


4.  Every year it seems like third year wide receivers bloom.  What third year receiver(s) are you expecting to break out or have big seasons?

Percy Harvin! McNabb is in town now and Harvin is one of the most explosive players in the league. The only question here is those crazy migraines that have been hindering Harvin’s production, to a degree. If Harvin stays on the field 1,100 yards receiving another 100-200 rushing and we all know what he can do in the return game (if they use him there still). Sidney Rice is gone which should make Harvin McNabb’s clear #1.


5.  Any thoughts on draft strategies that may work well for this year’s drafts?  WR/WR or RB/RB, wait on QB, etc…

If you have the chance, take Rodgers or Vick in the first round, it not go with a running back and then wait until the 3rd to take a QB, like Manning or Brady. Brees has been going in the early-mid 2nd round for me in most of my drafts, which isn’t bad, but at this point a WR or RB would serve a better pick due to the amount the talent falls off at these positions starting in the 3rd round.

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2 Responses to “Fantasy Football Crystal Ball Challenger Series: 5 Questions for FANTAZZLE”

  1. The fact that this dude suggests taking vick and rodgers in the first round shows his incompetence and negates all of his previous advice on articles 1-4…. FAIL.

  2. Jonesy, I disagree. I’m not taking either QB, or any QB in round one, but have you seen Matthew Berry’s draft manifesto for this year? I have been slowly moving to the point where I can justify taking Vick as the top QB but still favored Rodgers. Take a look at the stats though. If you project Vick’s numbers over a full season he would have been the 16th best producing fantasy RB and was on a per game basis far and away the top producing QB. In reality I think teams figured Vick out after the bye week and the Vikings fiasco. In fantasy terms it didn’t matter. Even if you remove the two over the top performances of 45 and 38 fantasy points over the final 8 games Vick still averaged more fantasy points per game than Rodgers. I’m not taking either but it’s not so outlandish to suggest Vick over Rodgers. Vick may only play 12 games but 12 games of Vick adn 4 games of average QB replacement play should net you more points than Rodgers.

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