The thing that stood out to me most in last night’s Eagles performance was that Vick went to Celek in the endzone.  There wasn’t much of that last season.  McNabb loved the tight end and went to Celek 76 times for 978 yards and 9 TDs  in 2009.  His performance was almost cut in half in 2010 with Vick under center, 42/511/4.  Garry Cobb is reporting that Vick has gone back and looked at game tape of how he used Alge Crumpler in Atlanta and promises to get Brent Celek more involved.

VIEWS doesn’t even have Celek ranked in their top 20 TEs and they are not alone in being very low on the Eagles TE.  UPDATE: Lester’s Legends let us know they have adjusted their rankings and moved Celek up after the game and Vick’s comments.

According to ADP data Brent Celek is the 20th TE off the board and his overall position is 173.



You can’t really call Brent Celek a sleeper but he is high on our undervalued list.  Michael Vick didn’t use him as much as fantasy footballers expected in 2010 and that is being reflected in a lower ranking and ADP this season.  What has not changed is that the Eagles like using the TE, Celek is talented, and Vick used the TE often in Atlanta.

Call me crazy but I have Celek as the 9th TE in my rankings.  He is a top 10 TE in my opinion who I can get later in the draft.  If I miss out on the top 5 (Gates, Clark, Finley, Witten and Daniels) I will pass on the rest of TEs currently being taken in the next group including, Lewis, Graham, Keller, Cooley, Davis, and Gronkowski in favor of Celek later.


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2 Responses to “Vick Says Celek will be More Involved”

  1. I’ve moved Celek up my draft board. As Maclin continues to not play and Steve Smith isn’t ready, Celek will get extra targets. That and Vick’s commitment to get him involved has swayed my ranking.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. I normally mention that the rankings may change but forget to insert that. Thanks for posting.

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