MJD’s bone-on-bone condition in his knee and the off season surgery have been a major area of concern in fantasy football circles.  Everyone, including us, seems to be questioning whether the mighty little guy is breaking down and whether or not he can handle the load that we have become accustomed to seeing from him.  After his first practice of the year Jones-Drew said he felt great.


VIEWS believes in MJD.  They have him at #6 on their RB rankings. is less sold on MJD and his health.  They have him at #9 on the RB list reflecting a trend we are seeing where you are able to get him in the second round of drafts.


Maurice Jones-Drew can clearly play through pain and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down or hitting a wall.  The only issue, and it’s admitedly a big one, is his knee.  Well, his health and how it may get the talented back up Rashad Jennings involved.  The team has been clear that they plan on getting him more involved and spelling MJD.  Jennings is capable of doing very good things and that could mean the team is quicker to pull, spell, and even sit MJD if they think it will preserve him and his health.

Maurice Jones-Drew is a great back.  Better than some of the players that we might consider drafting ahead of him in drafts this year.  McFadden, Mendenhall, and McCoy are guys that you have to at least entertain as better (healthier) options.  The lowest, the absolute lowest, we can imagine taking him is as the ninth RB off the board.






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