Steve Wyche recently wrote that Roddy White revealed to him that the Falcons play calling is going to be more aggressive this season.  That’s no surprise considering the king’s ransom the organization paid to move up in the draft to snag Julio Jones.  Most people have anticipated an offense that will be less focused on the run and more aggressive in taking shots down field.


We like Roddy White a lot this year.  The addition of Julio Jones isn’t going to detract from his numbers in our opinion and we also like Harry Douglas more than some others, not as a starting WR or even a flex but as a bench option and a guy that could do good things filling in for Jones and really good things if White misses time.  Michael Turner should still see 300+ carries – it’s not like the offense if going to instantly be pass happy.  Turner is dropping into the second round in 12 team leagues because he is not a pass catching back, but as one of the few backs that is almost sure to get over 300 carries he might be undervalued.

Matt Ryan is an interesting player.  We see him ranked anywhere from #8 to #13 at the position.  What is clear is that there are seven QBs that can be considered elite fantasy options beginning with Rodgers and Vick and ending with Romo (all generally taken before the middle of the 5th round in mocks).  Ryan belongs to the next group with Roethlisberger and Schaub in our opinion (these guys are starting to get taken in the lower part of the 5th round and gone by mid 7th).  After than group is where we have Eli Manning, Bradford, and Freeman (7th to 9th round) who should produce fairly similar numbers and round out the top 12.

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