UPDATE:  10/25/2011 – The Redskins have placed Chris Cooley on IR and we think he has played his final game as a Redskins (which is probably a blessing).  All of the things we originally said in this post from October 16th regarding Fred Davis remain unchanged.  We like him even more considering that Santana Moss is also out with an injury.


Chris Cooley suffered a finger injury on Sunday when Nnamdi Asomugha blew him up on a quick hit pass.  The finger is reported shattered, not merely broken and will require surgery that will keep Cooley out for multiple games and maybe the season.


Justin Welton writing for Bleacher Report makes a very good point when he points out that the rest of the year is probably an audition of Fred Davis long term.  Cooley is only 29 but injuries and a lot of hits seem to be proving that he is not what he once was.

CBS says that owners should be a lot less excited about Davis if Beck is the QB than if Grossman is at the reigns next week.

Rotoworld is a heck of a lot more optimistic and they say Davis is a top 10 TE from here on out.


This is very good news for Davis owners.  The Eagles have been among the worst teams in containing TEs for a long time, so you have to take that into account when you look at his 6 reception, 95 yard performance, but he was averaging 4 receptions and 61 yards per game going into week 6.  Regardless of who is QB we look for Davis to be a TE#1 moving forward.  He’s extremely athletic and will benefit from the Skins not exactly having the talent to push it downfield.

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