Is it me or has there been an unprecedented level of turnover at the QB position in 2011?  I could probably figure it out but that would entail, you know, research and stuff.  So, I’m going with the premise that it’s a wild and wacky year of QB upheaval.  Who’s with me!

We have selected four of the most recently announced new starters to present to you for voting on who you would rather have on your fantasy squad.  ’None of the above’ is not an option.  We intentionally did not include Tim Tebow because the consensus is that between his feet and his inaccurate arm he has the potential to be a high level fantasy performer.

First we have Carson Palmer for the Raiders.  Palmer has the pedigree and at one time was considered among the elite.  The Raider’s, however, are a running team with an unproven crew of receivers.  They are the 25th ranked passing team in the team in the NFL and have on 7 TDs through the air.  The two best players on the Raider’s offense are running backs.  Palmer has his work cut out for him and he also has to prove that he can still be an effective NFL QB to boot.

The Christian Ponder ear has begun.  The Minnesota Vikings are even worse than the Raider’s when it comes to moving the ball through the air.  Both teams have great running backs and receiving corps without proven number one receivers (sorry Percy Harvin isn’t reliable enough to call a true No. 1).  it will be very interesting to see how much of the Vikings poor performance was Donovan McNabb.  It’s refreshing to see that the national media has FINALLY caught onto the fact that McNabb stinks.  Tebow got all the press but Ponder was the better rookie QB in week 7 and gave the champs a run for their money.

John Beck is bad.  Not bad meaning good but bad meaning bad.  That’s about all we really need to say on that.  The Redskins are who we thought they were.

Matt Moore has the top flight target the other three QBs lack.  Sure he is a mentally unstable diva, but Brandon Marshall gives Moore a real weapon.  Reggie Bush gives him another (very overrated) weapon as well.  Moore will also be playing from behind quite a bit.  Moore has the best weapons of this bunch but he is battling John Beck for the title of least talented.  We suspect he is going to be undervalued in this poll.

Vote away my friends…

Which of the new QBs would you rather have the rest of the year?

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