Every Sunday you can get last minute fantasy football advice from the experts. Tune in at 11:00 AM this and every Sunday. Where else can you chat with fantasy experts who have access to rankings from over 30 of the top fantasy sites in the world? No where, that’s where! Set a reminder and reserve your spot below. Bring your start/site, injury, keeper, and all other FF questions.

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2 Responses to “Week 10 Live Last Minute Decision Chat – Sunday @ 11:00 AM EST”

  1. Who to start Tate or avant?? Have foster but just saw jackson wasnt playing should I start tate with foster against Bucs or avant against cards?

  2. Yahoo has been advertising this thing for omtnhs without a premier date, leaving everyone baffled as to when it was supposed to commence. Finally, they put a date on it and, as of 3:55PM CDT on that date, it is still not available.When I try to access the page, the Sept. 8th date still shows for me. However, it is still not working and Yahoo refuses to post any updates or information to let it s users know what s going on with situation.Some people say wait until the first game, but one of the main ideas with this application is that you ll be able to edit your team s roster before the games.What this boils down to is extremely poor customer service. There is no way to propose a question to the Yahoo Help! technical service and get the answer.We re in the dark until they either start the program or at least give us insight into what s going on. Either way, I m severely disappointed in how they ve treated this matter. Was this answer helpful?

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