You have to think long and short term to answer this question.  Each of these WRs have unique circumstances that make this decision a tough one.

Jeremy Maclin – He’s banged up, but he should return and he has been a very consistent fantasy producer since the beginning of 2010.  He’s the best all around receiver on the Eagles, but one has to weight the Desean Jackson factor.  Jackson wants big money, more money than he is worth, and the Eagles may be content to let him test the free agent waters.  How will Maclin fare without Jackson stretching the field.  Because Jackson is a jackass, we got a glimpse at what might happen when Andy Reid sat Jackson down against the Arizona Cardinals, the results were not promising.  Even though he missed a game, Maclin is tied for the 9th most receptions in the league (46) and he is ranked 21st in fantasy points.  Had he not have missed a game he would almost surely be top 12 in fantasy points still.

Dez Bryant - Wow, speaking of all-world talent with the intellect of a child!  Dez Bryant is not a role model or classy, intelligent young man, but he is one heck of a wide receiver.  He also have a good QB tossing him the ball.  Will the emergence of Demarco Murray create a situation where there are too many mouths to feed in Dallas to make Dez a WR#1?  What is going to happen to Bryant when Miles Austin returns?  Can Dez stay healthy?  Is Bryant going to be a guy that faces controversy and suspension on a regular basis?  All important questions to ponder before checking his box in this poll.

Dwayne Bowe – It was unintentional, but I’m realizing that aside from Jeremy Maclin, who actually is a classy, intelligent guy, this is a group of divas who have a history of making poor decisions.  Bowe’s value will surely take a hit with Matt Cassel being replaced by Tyler Palko for the remainder of the year, but we have seen that when Cassel is playing well, Bowe is a stud.  He is in the top 10 in scoring and receptions and he seems to have straightened his attitude out.  He might be the most valuable receiver from this group for 2012, but how low will his production go for the remainder of this season with journeyman QB and tough schedule ahead?

Brandon Marshall – He’s ranked 17th in fantasy points among WRs, 7th in targets (91) and tied for 4th in receptions (54).  There are a couple glaring drawbacks to Marshall ; he’s an idiot (although that seems to be more under control than in the past) and he could have a rookie QB throwing to him next year.  There is no doubt that Marshall has all-world skills and a prototypical WR#1 body.  He has to have his head on right and have a QB that can deliver him the ball to succeed, both are in question for 2012.

Choose which receiver from this list you would rather have for the remainder of this season and all of next season...

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2 Responses to “NEW Spin Poll: Which of these WRs Would You Rather have for 2011 and 2012?”

  1. Your report on Bowe fails to mention that he is in his final contract year and if Chief don’t pay him WR 1 salary he will go to another team who will. Chiefs have a lot of cap open (top 5 avail. cap in the league).

    Big question mark if they will keep him or not. I’m leaning more towards not with the emergence of rookie Baldwin as a future #1 and Breaston, an expert in the slot.

  2. You make some good points, but I can’t agree with them all. First, I don’t think the Chiefs have seen anything from Baldwin that would make them think he is ready to be a number one. He has a poor attitude and has a lot to learn about being an NFL receiver. Good point on it being a contract year, however. I do see the Chiefs either franchising or signing him though.

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