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6 Responses to “Last Mintute Week 15 Fantasy Football Advice Chat. Sunday @ 11:00 AM EST”

  1. I need 1 of these 3: Brandon Lloyd, Damian Williams, Jabbar Gaffney

  2. Need 3, who gets td and/or 100yds: J.Graham, M.Austin, L.Robinson, N.Washington, J.Maclin, M.Manningham

  3. I would still start Lloyd despite Kellen Clemons starting at QB. Bengals pass defense has struggled since losing CB Leon Hall a month ago.

  4. I have Pierre Thomas playing later, he seems to have a big week, then he hides, then comes back out a few weeks later. Same problem all NewOrleans backs and receivers have. Last week was a good week for him so I’m hesitant to give him the start for the championship…
    Think I should I faith in Laurent Robinson in my flex spot, or should I gamble on Sammy Morris who may take most of Dallas’ runs today against the weak rush defense of the Eagles?
    Would love your opinions.

  5. Not sure if this is for Week 16, but it just popped up so I am going to answer it like it is Week 16. Hopefully it’s not too late, but we like Sammy Morris a bit more. Looks like he will get a lot of touches.

  6. Thanks, saved the link for week 15, def talking week 16. thank you

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