Little Shanny wants more yards after catch.  He has a point.  One of the most startling stats we’ve seen came out of a Washington Post article where Kyle Shanahan explained how outside of a week 16 Roy Helu screen pass touchdown, the Redskins had no touchdown passes there that weren’t actually caught in the endzone.  They have a real lack of play makers at WR; of course the instability and slop they had at QB didn’t help matters.


Rob Warner list the Redskins among five teams that might take a shot at Justin Blackmon in the first few picks of the 2012 draft. has Blackmon going to the Redskins at #6 overall.  They point out, however, that they expect the Skins to make a play for Robert Griffin by trying to trade up. has the Skins taking Michael Floyd of they stay put at pick #6. thinks Dwayne Bowe fits the bill nicely.


The Redskins have an interesting dilemma.  They have to find a QB and a WR.  They will probably find one in the draft and turn to free agency or trade for the other.  An interesting twist that has been speculated about is the possibility of the Skins landing both Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne in free agency.  That would be a short sighted move, but would that surprise anyone from this organization?   It would sell tickets – I mean this is a fan base that actually bought into McNabb as a viable solution.

In the end, we think they will try to trade up to get Robert Griffin and possibly bring in a veteran like Chad Henne to compete and push the rookie if they land him.  If they don’t get a rookie QB they would be wise to make a play for a healthy Peyton Manning or another veteran QB with Matt Flynn being the hottest commodity followed by Josh Johnson.  Should the Skins come out of the draft and free agency with Griffin at QB and Dwayne Bowe, Stevie Johnson, Vincent Jackson at WR their prospects would really be looking up.  Any one of they aforementioned wide receivers would take a hit in fantasy value by moving to the Redskins and being paired with a rookie.

It’s going to be hard for the Redskins to move all the way up to #2 overall to get Griffin, especially if they have competition from the Browns who are higher at #4 than they are at #6.  It seems more likely that they will have a veteran QB paired with a rookie WR acquired in the first round or the third ranked rookie QB, whoever that may be by the time the draft rolls around, and a veteran WR.  So, I guess what we are saying is that it’s all just speculation at this point, but it’s hard to picture the Redskins entering 2012 without a new starting QB and No. 1 WR.

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