Several things are clear.  Marshawn Lynch is a flawed person – a bad guy – and he is frustrated being tied to what is currently, like it or not, a bad franchise that has so poorly run for years that they have little hope of contending.  Chan Gailey would be wise to get rid of this guy if he has designs on turning this franchise around.  Rumor has it that the Seahawks are interested, but would Lynch, baggage and all, make sense for any other teams?


Andy Benoit says don’t be so fast to assume that Lynch will have a big impact in Seattle.  He thinks Justin Forsett is destined to be the best fantasy back in Seattle.’s Anthony Slater points out that Lynch may want out, but his behavior is hurting his value and his cause. says they have to trade Lynch.


My prediction is that Lynch will not be a Buffalo Bill.  I think the Bills are playing a bit of chicken here.  They can trade him now for a fourth rounder or wait in hopes that a team becomes desperate due to a camp injury or the rare hold out.  By holding on to him, meaning not shipping him to a team like Seattle for a fourth round pick, they run the risk of having to make a tough decision, cut a talented but troubled player or keep a cancer or your roster.

Here are some other teams that may look at Lynch;

- Rams – If Westbrook shuns the Rams advances, they may look to Lynch.  They badly need a running back to back up Jackson.  They forced Jackson to play through a spinal injury last year and really need to ease up a bit if they want to extend his career.

- Buccaneers – They have a bunch of backs, and none are all that good.

- Bengals – No real reason other than this is just where thugs and criminals go.

- Broncos – Are they sold on Moreno?

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