The Giants needed to overhaul the TE position for the second consecutive season after losing both their first and second string tight ends to serious late season injuries.  Enter  Martellus Bennett, a talented three down tight end from division rival Dallas Cowboys.  Bennett has not lived up to expectations after being a second round pick in 2008.  He’s gained a reputation for drops and immaturity but now he has a one year contract to prove his is a starting TE in the NFL.

VIEWS digs into the stats which reveal that aside from one poor season Bennett is not especially prone to drops and he is one of the best blocking TEs in football.  They say that he is an ideal fit for the Giants, but warn against getting too excited as Giants tight ends have not been fantasy stars in the past.

Looking at the updated CBS rankings Dave Richard doesn’t have any Giants TE ranked in the top 32, but Jamie Eisenberg has Jake Ballard at #20 among the TEs.


Not only is Jake Ballard coming back from an injury, but we think Martellus Bennett is a better talent.  That is why think that Bennett is the best fantasy bet among the Giants tight ends.  We still don’t think he will be most fantasy rosters when the season begins, but he will be on many sleeper lists and for good reason.  There is an outside chance that he establishes himself as a solid TE#2, but that seems to be the ceiling for him.

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