Kendall Wright has been perceived a first round talent for a long time, even after a poor showing at the NFL combine.  That public perception may be very different from that of the NFL scouts, some of which reportedly see him as a third round WR according to ProFootballWeekly.


Most concerning says Nolan Nawrocki of ProFootballWeekly is his pathetic four bench presses at his pro day and his 16.1% body fat.  Not only does it show a lack of work ethic, but small receivers can sometimes overcome their lack of height with superior speed, speed, and conditioning, things Wright is lacking in according to raw numbers.

Meanwhile, our own Rob Warner says Georgia Tech’s Steven Hill is a first round talent, maybe he’s the third and last WR taken in the first round.

Rotoworld quotes an unnamed NFL scout who says that Wright grades lower than Randall Cobb who lasted into the second round.


I’ve made my opinion that spending a first round pick on a small receiver is unwise.  That’s been countered by arguments point to Steve Smith and Desean Jackson (Smith is a valid point, but Jackson in our opinion is still not a first round talent when you take into account he is one dimensional with attitude issues) and yes, there are outliers, but in general a guy like Steven Hill has a better shot, because of his physical stature and speed, than a small WR like Wright.

We wouldn’t invest a first round pick in Wright and it’s looking like NFL teams aren’t willing to either.  Now, it is the time of year for deception and misdirection, so you have to consider that.  We just don’t like Wright that much and question whether he will translate to the pros where big corners will jam him.

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