Mike Wallace is one of the most productive receivers in the game, but the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t seem to want to pay him as such.  Their gamble of slapping Wallace with a first round tender amounted to basically challenging a team with a late first round slot to sign the star WR, but teams were reportedly more scared of his astronomical contract/salary demands than the first pick they would have to surrender for signing him.


Mike Wallace wants Larry Fitzgerald money and  he’s not in that class.  He is a very talented, productive receiver who would be a number one on most teams, but he’s a notch below the Fitzgerald/Megatron/Andre Johnson level and we don’t see a team paying him that kind of money.  This means that he will ultimately have to sign the restricted $2.7 million tender from the Steelers or go the holdout route.  Either way the Steelers hold the cards this year and have the trump card of the franchise tag for next year as well.  A sign and trade is not completely out of question, but as long as Wallace demands A level pay no team is going to touch him.  And, the Redskins give ridiculous money to likes of Pierre Garcon didn’t help.

Wallace is a  low end fantasy football WR#1 with less value in PPR leagues.  He’s a  fourth round fantasy option as long as be doesn’t hold out.

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