Our newest partner, and now go-to guys from Cleveland Browns news, looked into this issue a bit and we thought it was worth a fantasy football gander as well.  

Cribbs’ services have now been secured by the struggling, but re-building Cleveland Browns, and there is plenty of reason to believe he will be a bigger part of the team’s offense…and maybe even defense this year.


Steve DiMatteo, lead blogger for, says in addition seeing the ball more on offense Cribbs may get snaps at the safety position.

FFToolbox says Cribbs provides little value outside of leagues that give points for return yardage, in which case he has significant value, and he has an ADP of 201.  So, Cleveland homers – don’t jump on this guy in the second round…you can wait until at least the 4th.

Cribbs will be classified as a WR and has him as #83 at that position.  Their thinking is that right around 500 total yards and a couple scores is his max.

The Wildecat formation, featuring both Cribbs and Senaca Wallace, could be the thing that makes Cribbs worth a roster spot on your squad.


Cribbs is low risk/low reward.  He has some upside and where he is being drafted he may be worth taking up a roster spot.  I can see him being a guy that gets drafted and released by week four in many leagues.  Last season he accumulated over 300 yards rushing and with an expanded Wildcat he could put up over 500 yards.  If he can get up to 40 receptions, a stretch but not impossible, he could amass a season with right around 1,000 total yards and 5 TDs.  I would take a chance on that late in drafts.

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