The Bears are really playing hardball with their star RB and their latest tact (at least in our opinion) involved leaking to the press that they are concerned about the long term health of Forte’s knee.  The concerns about the wear and tear on Forte, who was used heavily at Tulane even before the Bears made him a workhorse NFL back, and a possibly arthritic condition follow the signing of another very talented back in Michael Bush, and the conversion to a more pass heavy offense.


Matt Forte himself has weighed in by tweeting a picture of himself running uphill with a 100lb sled in tow.

The CBS guys have Forte ranked 10th (Dave Richard) and 11th Jamey Eisenberg (11th) respectively in their 2012 RB rankings.

Back when the Bears signed Michael Bush, Christopher Harris of ESPN, had reported his views that Forte was pushed out of the first round of fantasy drafts.  That was before the arrival of Marshall and more contract hardball.


This is just posturing.  It’s not the noise the Bears are making about health concerns that Forte owners should be concerned about, that’s just a negotiating tactic.  As a matter of fact, I was of the thinking that the Bears were going to try to trade Forte before they tried this new tact, but considering the injury route is a double edged sword because it may scare teams off.  What is much more concerning to us is the new offense that is being installed that will mimic the offense that Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall enjoyed success with in Denver.  In that offense the RB is marginalized.

We believe Forte owners should wait until he signs to shop him.  None of this bodes well and we are looking at him more as a high end RB#2 that a RB#1.  If the draft were today we would be hard pressed to consider Forte before the second half of the second round.


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