It looks like Maurice Jones Drew is going to be a no-show for the team’s mandatory mini-camp next week even at the price of a $60,000 penalty – although that’s not a lot of cash considering both what he is getting paid and what he wants to get paid.  MJD believes that he has out played the five year contract he signed in 2009 for $31 million.  Normally we come down hard on spoiled athletes who hold out but running backs, particularly three down, hard working, successful running backs are the exception.


ProFootballFocus projects 266 fantasy points (that very well may change if he holds out) for MJD which has him tied for 6th on their 2012 rankings/projections.

Steve Wyche of speculates that this holdout could last into the regular season.


Holdouts are a disaster for running backs in fantasy terms.  Look no further than Chris Johnson for evidence.  Now, MJD is a higher character guy that Chris Johnson, so he will probably not come into camp as out of shape CJ2K did, but it’s impossible to be in football shape if you haven’t been playing football.  MJD’s value will take a major if this holdout lasts into training camp and with the stance that the Jaguars have publicly taken that they have no intentions of renegotiating a contract with two years remaining that very well could happen.

The Jaguars are short on offensive talent and absolutely need Jones-Drew if they are going to make anything happen on offense this season.  Should the 27 year-old MJD hold out and Rashard Jenning’s value would quickly go up.  He’s a more than capable player who could step in a produce starting caliber fantasy football numbers.  If you draft before this is resolved and you spend a pick on MJD you absolutely must handcuff him with Jennings, not only because of the possibility of a prolonged holdout but because running backs who come back after missing camp time tend to get injured.  Watch how Jennings looks in camp, he is coming off of a major injury as well.

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