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Fans of the other NFC East teams were once again subjected to watching the Giants celebrate a Super Bowl victory.  Why do the Giants win?   The New York Giants know how to draft.  Jerry Reese is a man with a plan.  Take for instance the decision to part ways with Brandon Jacobs and the selection of David Wilson.  Out goes a high-priced headache and in comes a young rusher who, if all pans out as planned, will replace Ahmad Bradshaw and his troublesome feet in the not-to-distant future.

NY Giants 2012 Draft Selections:
132David WilsonRBVirginia Tech
263Rueben RandleWRLSU
394Jayron HosleyCBVirginia Tech
4127Adrien RobinsonTECincinnati
4131Brandon MosleyTAuburn
6201Matt McCantsTAlabama-Birmingham
7239Markus KuhnDTNorth Carolina State

The selection of Reuben Randle looked like a luxury until Hakeem Nicks suffered a broken foot soon after the draft, now it looks rather genius.  The Giants know how to work the draft.  How many games, if any, Nicks will miss is yet to be known, but he’s unlikely to be up to full speed for the start of the season and Randle may see a lot of the field early on.

Adrien Robinson could be a steal where the G-Men snagged him at 127 overall.  He was under utilized in the Cincinnati Bearcat’s offense but he has the athleticism, size (6’4″, 264 lbs.), and speed to perhaps capitalize on circumstances that place him on a championship team that has a TE opening due to injuries.  Keep your eye on the TE competition and how the Giants look to be using the rookie in camp. You can see our predraft take on the status of the NY Giants TE situation in this article.

The Giants also invested two picks in offensive lineman that are developmental prospects that shouldn’t see a lot of playing time as rookies.

Here is how we see the NY Giants 2012 Depth Chart entering training camp.
QBEli ManningDavid Carr
RBAhmad BradshawDavid Wilson (R)D.J. Ware
WR1Hakeem NicksRueben Randle (R)Ramses Barden
WR2Victor CruzDomenik HixonJerrel Jernigan
TEMartellus BennettTravis Beckum (INJ)Christian Hopkins

WINNERS: David Wilson (ADP 99 overall/ RB40)

Wilson walks into a very good situation.  He has to prove he can understand the blocking schemes well enough not to get Eli Manning killed, but he works hard and we think he will get there quickly.  This year he will get 115-150 touches even if Ahmad Bradshaw stays relatively healthy (a big if with two cranky feet).  David Wilson could be the Giants feature back as early as next year.  He packs a lot of punch into a squat frame (5’09, 206 lbs.) and he has the ability to break big runs.  Wilson landed in a good spot where he can play early on and develop without the immediate pressure to be the offensive focal point. Read More on David Wilson in our Fantasy Relevant Rookie Article.

LOSERS: Jerrell Jernigan & Backup RBs

The next reception for the second year player out of Troy State will be his first as a pro.  Jernigan attracted attention as a fantasy football sleeper heading into last season and Giants GM Jerry Reese has spoken highly of him as a guy he believes can win a role in the slot.  Jernigan is 5’9′, 185 lbs, however, and now he has to compete with Reuben Randle at 6’3″, 210 lbs for playing time – not good news for the pint-sized 2nd year WR.

Okay, “Backup RBs” is a bit of a cop-out.  We’re just not sure how it will shake out but we think there were some long faces among the group (Andre Brown, Da’Rel Scott, and D.J. Ware) when the Giants spent a first round pick on another running back.   Of this group, Ware is the only one with NFL stats and they are less than impressive with just 81 carries for 324 yards, and 1 TD in three seasons.  One of these backs probably will not be a Giant when the season begins and our gut feeling is that Da’Rel Scott will be elsewhere.

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7 Responses to “2012 Post Draft Winners/Losers: New York Giants”

  1. Da’rell Scott is so much better than DJ Ware… I would even take Andre Brown over D J Ware….. Ware has been with us for four years and hasn’t done squat. He needs to go… ASAP

  2. Dan, thanks for posting your thoughts. I agree with you on DJ Ware, however, don’t you think there is something to having another RB on the roster with NFL experience. Ware managed a 4 ypc so far as a pro – granted it is a very small sampling with just 81 carries. None of the other backs has taken a pro snap. Everything I am seeing coming out of NY is that they will keep Ware on the roster and if Brown can carry his new bulk with grace they will probably keep him around. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out. The Giants offense is in good shape even with the questions hanging out there regarding the Nicks and the injury.

  3. The giants drafted to replace Jacobs only. They were last in running yards I believe and they are not trying to dramatically improve the run game just prepare for an injury to Bradshaw. They won the superbowl without a running game and should win again. Notice that Manningham is number three at SanFran. The Giants were looking for improvement in the receiving game believe it or not.

  4. No way they spent a first round pick with just replacing Jacobs in mind. Wilson; they hope, will replace Bradshaw in a couple years and maybe have as much as 50% of the carries as early as 2013. I think Randle falling to them was a case of best player on their board at an outstanding value, not a case of the Giants targeting WR with that slot.

  5. Don You are correct that in a couple of years they will have to replace Bradshaw also. I think you are correct on Randle also. The problem with Jacobs was receptions out of the backfield which overshadowed his running. The Giants offense is overbalanced toward the passing a hybrid solution is a running back that can catch the ball. I think Wilson fits the bill. Eli is great throwing the ball down the field and is great dumping the ball off. I don’t think that the giants planned on drafting a WR at the 2 slot because they passed on several free agent receivers because the believed in the receivers they had. I believe that Eli will make a receiver a star

  6. Both good points but you both seem to leave out that the RB has to be able to block and Ware is the only one proven out of the group Eli being vertical is pretty importain nowdays

  7. the giants got good value from where they picked in the draft. wilson and randle are studs,the tight end is raw but mike pope is the best. the draft will be made by the two tackles they drafted. both were ranked in the top ten of their position,so if one makes it they’re good.

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