News came out today that the Redskin’s TE coach says that both Cooley and Fred Davis are blockers, not just pass catchers.  On the face of it this is not really anything newsworthy, that is until you consider the context.  Cooley is coming back from injury, Fred Davis did well in his absence, and the Redskins have loaded up on RBs.  This raises fair questions as to whether or not Cooley will be a starting caliber fantasy TE.  Cooley’s ADP is currently at 10.7 (116), making him the 11th TE off the board.


Cooley makes the list of bounce back candidates for Dave Richard. has Cooley ranked right where people are taking him.  They have him in the #11 slot among TEs and predict 70 catches, 780 yards and 5 TDs.

Similarly ranks Cooley 12th and thinks he is good for 62 catches and 5 TDs.  They think Fred Davis will haul in 42 passes.  That’s at least 109 catches from the TE position. Here are their full TE projections.

I had to do a little searching for someone with a higher or lower view of Cooley.  Turns out most people are stuck around 11/12 on their TE lists and 60-70 catches, 700 yards, and 5 TDs.  Maurice Trembley of is less optimistic.  He has Cooley at #16, with 48 rec, 529, and 4 TDs,


One thing that is worth watching is the talk that Cooley could be utilized more in the slot position.  That is the only way that he approaches his 2008 total of 83 receptions and it would take him from a low end fantasy starter at TE to mid to high end starter.  The injury is one that you can make a quick and full recovery from so the real threat to Cooley’s value comes from Fred Davis and the potential of staying home to block more.

In the 10th round if you are selecting your first TE you would probably have a two choices, Cooley or roll the dice that either John Carlson or Visanthe Shiancoe are around in a round or two.  He is very little risk and has decent upside where he is being drafted.  In the end, he is likely to post similar numbers to both Carlson and Shiancoe.  Assuming Favre is back, I would lean toward Shiancoe because he has the potential for a good deal more TDs.  However, if Cooley does line up in the slot in the preseason, he will be a steal in the 10th round.

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