As expected the long drawn out contract situation has ended with Drew Brees being the highest paid man in the NFL.  His $100 million contract comes with $60 million guaranteed and an insane $40 million in year one (in case you’re keeping score at home that’s 40 weekends of partying, hookers, making it rain, and maybe even shooting for Pacman Jones!).  The rumors that the “Occupy” morons are going to occupy Brees’ front lawn are thus far unconfirmed (ofcourse they could just get a job and begin to earn their own money and stop whining like a bunch of naive little communists, but I digress).


I feel like leaving it at…He’s Drew Brees, he’s good…but then you might think we’re lazy.  So, he’s Drew Brees, he’s great and he will will be a great fantasy player again this year.  The coaching changes aren’t going to make a huge difference for a savvy veteran like Brees and the costly suspensions are on the defensive side of the ball.  The tam may struggle but that may even add to Brees’ fantasy numbers.  Brees is the third WR off the board at #16 overall according to ADP data from our friends at (by the way, did you know that MFL is partnering again with our sister site, this year to bring custom start/sit tools?).  In the second round Brees represents better value to us than either Rodgers in the first half of the first round or Newton in the first.

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  1. are you serious? what kind of midsnels person WANTS to watch commercials? they will all be on tomorrow and the days after? I think this conceit is completely fake and spouted only by people with a vested interest in advertising. intelligent people will change channels during commercials and come back to their show when they think the commercials are over. or did you not realize how remote controls are used? only the slow witted and the clueless watch commercials.

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