We asked our readers (who are intelligent and kind and, um… handsome and will surely buy our FantasyFootballCrystalBall.com premium product when we unveil the new version for 2012…) based on ADP which running backs were overvalued.  The options were Trent Richardson, Demarco Murray, Fred Jackson, and Marshawn Lynch.

The voting turned out to be close but rookie Trent Richardson (ADP 13.8 overall/ RB#9) was the most overvalued.  Taking a look at current ADP data it is unchanged, so the broader market still thinks Richardson belongs that high.  His ADP at FantasyFootballCalculator.com is 13.5/RB#9 right now.  ProFootballFocus.com doesn’t have him quite that high, he’s 11th on their RB list,  but they do project 250 carries for 1127 yards along with 43 rec. for 311 yards and 8 total TDs.

They apparently aren’t so ready to anoint Demarco Murray as a superstar fantasy football running back yet.  Murray came in as the second most overvalued rusher in the poll with 27% of the votes sent his way.  Marshawn Lynch followed closely with 25% of the vote before the news came out about his most recent run in with the law (he has dropped 3 spots overall at this point).  Voting would surely be different now although it is worth noting that Peter King said on NFL 32 earlier today that Lynch very well may not receive a suspension.

Here are the results…

Which of these Running Backs is Overvalued heading into 2012? (Select one or more)

  • Trent Richardson (ADP 13.8 Overall / RB9) (34%, 25 Votes)
  • DeMarco Murray (ADP 12.5 Overall / RB8) (27%, 20 Votes)
  • Marshawn Lynch (ADP 14.2 Overall / RB10) (25%, 18 Votes)
  • Fred Jackson (ADP 25.2 Overall / RB15) (21%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 73

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2 Responses to “POLL WRAP UP: Which RBs are Overvalued Right Now…”

  1. Why is Jackson is in this list? All the others I agree with. Lynch has always been a problem child. Murray can’t stay healthy and Richardson is a rookie on a bad Team.

    Jackson was a stud before the fractured leg and will be again this year. I know everyone is forecasting Ridley to steal some carries but gamers are gamers guys and girls…

    Chief Out!!!

  2. I think you mean CJ Spiller, not Ridley. Jackson is going to lose carries and catches to Spiller. I still like him and would take him as a RB2, but he does come with risk now.

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