Is it me or is the Seattle personnel department showing pathetic desperation?  They have had some major victories in signing Doug Baldwin, briefly resuscitated the career of fat Mike Williams, and keeping Marshawn Lynch from going on a crime spree for a few months, but they have made some real head scratching moves as well.

First they sign Antonio Bryant and then they sign Braylon Edwards and cut Bryant and now, holy crap, they’ve signed T.O.!  He ran a 4.4 on his way to being signed to wreak havoc on the Seahawks locker room.  You have to love a team who over-drafts a criminal in the first round and does things like signing Tavaris Jackson, Sidney Rice, and Terrell Owens.  Let’s sit back and wait for the train wreck kids.  Maybe they’ll trade for Kenny Britt and LaGarrette Blount and sign Joey Galloway.


The Seahawks are kind of a mess.  I don’t get the excitement that some national correspondents have for them.  They don’t know who their QB will be and there’s an excellent chance that it won’t matter and the QB play will be bad.  They are searching through the trash bin for a receiver they can start and their RB is one more slip up away from a major suspension.  I’m not saying Owens can’t be a contributor, he can, the guy is a physical freak but he’s also a mental midget who lists destroying team chemistry among his hobbies.

Maybe a receiver will emerge to be a decent fantasy option but we have to see what preseason holds before we can really predict anything.  Get your popcorn ready because I hear the train wreck coming.



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