Rookie RB Trent Richardson is scheduled to have arthroscopic surgery to remove loose cartilage that is causing discomfort in his left knee.  It’s the same knee that Richardson had surgery on in February to repair a torn meniscus that he suffered during the BCS championship game.


Chris Mortensen reports that team officials are saying that this procedure is not related to the February surgery or the BCS game injury.  He says the Richardson could return for the final game or two of preseason but certainly by game one of the regular season. says Richardson can no longer be recommended as a first or second round pick.


This is really not good news.  Richardson hasn’t played a pro game yet at the most punishing position and after this he will already have had multiple knee surgeries on his left knee.  The Browns have invested a ton in Trent Richardson so they will play this down but the fact remains that they guy they selected to be a bell cow is already missing games – before he actually plays a game!

We had a feeling that Richardson was being slightly overvalued with a low first round draft selection in many mock drafts and now he is looking more like a third round RB2 pick and in a way it makes him a safer pick.  Rookie rushers can make an instant fantasy football impact but they can also wear down under the more intense contact and longer season.  Richardson will be ready for the season and while this might mean that he gets off to either a slower start or shares the backfield more early on he is going to carry the load for most of the season and be a 1,000 yard rusher.  One thing that has to be watched closely in the preseason is who emerges as the better back and the primary back up between Montario Hardesty and Brandon Jackson.  Richardson owners have to handcuff him with the winner of that competition.


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