Mike Wallace wants serious money and the Steelers are holding their ground in insisting that Wallace sign his tender of $2.7M for one year and report before they will negotiate.  This is what you call a standoff.  Adam Schefter (we are big fans and he’s got the greatest job ever) reports that the plan from the Wallace camp is to report week one as opposed to doing the Vincent Jackson thing and waiting until Week 10.


Not too many experts are willing to rank Wallace low, he has talent and has performed in the past after all, but mans up and ranks Wallace at #20 at WR.

Jeff Mans of is another guy who really breaks the mold.  It doesn’t take long to realize it either as you glance over his top 5 WRs and see Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant at #3 and #4 respectively.  He has Wallace at #14 and refers to everyone in the Steelers passing offense probably seeing less fantasy points this year.


Regular readers know that we are loathed to select a receiver or running back who has held out.  Put Wallace on that list.  We’d be willing to invest in Wallace as a low end WR2 but right now he is going as the 13th receiver with an overall ADP of 39 and call us conservative but we can think of more than 12 receivers we trust more right now.  The Steelers offense will run more this year than they have in the past few years and Wallace has not learned the new offense.  We also think there is at least a chance that he will drag the holdout past week 1.  Remember what Vincent Jackson where he reported for Week 10 and got credit for a full season, same thing goes here and if Wallace’s hold out is a matter of principle he may choose to take the same tact.  Too risky for us at the end of the third round.

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