This isn’t very surprising but it’s disheartening for Jahvid Best and it goes beyond just his prospects for this season.  Best may never have a real NFL career because of the cumulative impact of three known concussions and who knows how many undiagnosed concussions.   The Lions backfield situation is a mess of their own making.  They knew Best was undersized and had an injury history when they drafted him and they apparently decided to draft only criminals in the Mikel Leshoure draft.  A novel but flawed approach.


If you are going to draft one running back from this backfield it’s still Mikel Leshoure and he has the talent to be a very good player.  He may get suspended over and over, like how he is missing the first two games, and he will surely get injured because he can’t seem to stay healthy, but the alternative is to take Best and roster him for weeks without return (and no guarantee of any return at all) or select Kevin Smith on the strength that he will start the first two games and possibly be part of a RBBC with Leshoure when he returns.

A wise approach would be to take Kevin Smith if you invest in Adrian Peterson, Trent Richardson, or another RB that is slated to either miss early games or have to ramp up.  He can be gotten on the cheap and the Lion’s offense is obviously powerful.  Aside from that strategy we can’t get excited about this mess of a backfield where the writing is on the wall for a RBBC where maybe Leshoure emerges to be a good option.

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