Maurice Jones-Drew is a beast, a little (by football terms but not by human terms, I mean, he’s be the biggest strongest soccer player in the history of the sport, so it’s all relative) mound of muscle that batters defenses.  Having said that, we know what happens to running backs when they hold out and none of it’s good.  Now, MJD isn’t Chris Johnson.  Pocket Hercules has character and doesn’t wear a gold grill in his mouth.  He’s going to be working out hard and he isn’t going to to relax if/when he gets the payday.  We actually don’t think he will get the pay day he is looking for and that may lead to a disgruntled star rusher.

Our stance is that we don’t take big risks in round one.  Therefore, we are passing on MJD in the first.  That could change if he reports and has a couple weeks to get into football shape, but unless that happens we are going to steer clear.   If he’s there in the mid-second round MJD just might represent such incredible potential upside that we’d jump at him.

FFToday projects 273/1,201/8 rushing and 40/355/2 through the air. has him ranked as #7 in their RB rankings

Clearly, we are in the minority when it comes to our caution on MJD.  Tell us what you think…


RB holdouts often end in disaster. Where would you be comfortable selecting MJD today?

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5 Responses to “NEW SPIN POLL: Where to Draft MJD?”

  1. I selected Aaron Rodgers with the 4th pick in a 6 point passing td league. Came back at 2.9 and couldn’t pass on MJD there. With starting 2rb/2wr and a flex I added Michael Turner (3rd), Doug Martin (5th), and cleaned up late with Ryan Williams, Royster, Hightower, Quizz, and Starks. Even if he holds out or shows late I’m fine with top 10 numbers, not asking a ton.

    RB: MJD, Turner, Martin, Ryan Williams, Royster, Hightower, Quizz
    WR: Steve Smith (Panthers), D Bowe, Nate Washington, Davone Bess
    TE: Aaron Hernandez

    Not to bad….another owner took Rashad Jennings first pick in 6th rd.

  2. Good job. I like the team but you might get exposed at RB. Turner worries me with the aggressive passing game being rolled out by Dirk Koetter and his inability to factor into the passing game on a high level. MJD is obviously a risk but he should work out. Nate Washington is really undervalued and if Bowe can get on the same page and stop being a jackass you have a nice receiving corp. I’ve bumped Hernandez up to #3 at TE.

    You need to try to trade for Jennings. The time to do it is probably when MJD reports. As a different spin maybe try to trade MJD to the guy that has Jennings. Who else does he have at RB?

  3. I agree about Turner, I’m hoping Doug Martin takes on a big role and MJD pans out. Thought of trying to acquire Lynch or Freddy Jackson for Turner but questioning that.

    The owner that has Jennings has Forte, McFadden, Jennings, Michael Bush and Leshoure. His receivers are Jordy Nelson and HaKeem Nicks. He’s in my division. I already offered him some of that mess in Washington(Hightower and Royster). Trying to pick up Alfred Morris tomorrow off waivers and deal with the Helu owner to send couple of my Washington mess to him in a deal for Matthews or at least Dwill. Who knows…..always interesting.

  4. I realized that I missed the Doug Martin thing after I sent the email. I think the mention of 5th round threw me and I thought that you were saying David Wilson there. Martin in the 5th is a real steal.

  5. Well, he’s back Scott. Hopefully starting MJD, Michael Turner, and Doug Martin with Aaron Rodgers pays off handsomely. Still haven’t been able to obtain Jennings from his owner but hopefully Ryan Williams emerges and I could get something out of Royster or Morris.

    Would like to trade him cuff for cuff but he values Jennings a lot. I have Taiwan Jones, he has Darren McFadden. Dude drafted Jennings first pick in the 6th round so won’t go easily from his hands.

    Anyway, good work here on FF SPIN.

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