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We’re down in Atlantic City rubbing elbows with the top fantasy football experts in the world and talking business while thousands of crazed Fantasy Footballers are descending on AC to get their first mega-dose of fantasy football in 2012 and we’ve taken the opportunity to ask the other experts to share their best tip for dominating the 2012 draft.  Here is what they had to say…

1.  Know the exact ADP of your favorite sleepers and critical handcuffs and plan exactly where you are willing to take them…one round ahead of ADP preferably.  If a guy is important enough to be your super-sleeper and you believe in him then take him a round early and same goes for your critical handcuffs, but don’t let the flow of the draft dictate it, know where you are taking those players and stick to it.

2.  Rehabbing RBs like Adrian Peterson, Trent Richardson, and Ryan Mathews are going later than they normally would because.  Where those guys are going they represent great value but you have to live with a ramp up period or a few games where they won’t play at all.  Cover the early weeks with a late round pick of Lions RBKevin Smith who will carry the load alone in weeks 1 & 2.

3.  If you don’t get one of the top three QBs (Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, or Drew Brees) don’t spend a third or fourth round pick on a reach at QB.  Guys like Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, and Philip Rivers are available in the fifth through seventh rounds and allow you to stock up on RB and WR.  Same goes for the top 2 TEs and not reaching for a tight end after Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham are gone.

4.  It’s more important to get a safety net, like a handcuff late than it is to get that super-duper sleeper.  Cover yourself and then plan on getting the super sleeper on the waiver wire.

5.  Mock draft by practicing with several variations on the start of your draft.  See what happens if you take a RB vs. a WR vs. a QB, etc… After your starting lineup is filled go to your favorite projections site and tally the totals.  You might be surprised by what mock yielded the highest point total.  NOTE: Gratuitous plug….CBS users can check out our DraftReady app in the CBS App store.


 BONUS TIP:  The draft is only the start of the season.  We are going to have some amazing stats inside the Fantasy Football Crystal Ball product that will allow you to understand the trade value of every player and the quality of their starts.  Sign up now and save!

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2 Responses to “Live from Fantasy Football Fest: 5 Tips to Dominate Your Draft…”

  1. Guys- great meeting you in person. Big fan and thanks for letting hit you with questions and thanks for introducing me to Mike Clay and Jim Day and those guys. hopefully theres a better turnout next year but it worked for me since I got to talk to all the experts. thanks again and I love the site.

  2. I think people caught onto Kevin Smith. Saw him going in the 12th round in mocks today, even earlier in a couple. Good tips though. I don’t know how you can not do mock drafts nowadays. Best fantasy tool out there.

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