We’re back up and running having taken some time as a team to enjoy the Fantasy Football Fest in Atlantic City, NJ.  While there Rob Warner and I did an expert draft where the roles of Ryan Williams and Beanie Wells were debated.  That was before Ryan Williams finally made it back from the torn patella tendon that ended his rookie season and averaged 5.0 ypc and a touchdown against the Raiders.  The buzz this morning was that Williams is favored to emerge as the lead back in AZ.


Dylan Desimmone of thinks that Williams has a chance to emerge as the winner in the competition with Wells and that he has good sleeper potential.

Brian McIntyre of’s Around the League thinks the Wells and Williams are going to be a formidable 1-2 punch which would seem to indicate he doesn’t one RB emerging.

We found the RB rankings interesting.  They have the Beanie Wells ranked 16th and Ryan Williams ranked 50th.


Regardless of who you think will emerge here there are some realities that point to trouble and poor production.  The Cardinals QB situation is a mess and that’s putting it kindly.  What a disaster!  The Cards have also lost starting LT Levi Brown for at least three months and maybe the entire season with a torn tricep.  It was a weak O-Line group to begin with and now it’s gotten uglier.  Then we fear that even if one RB emerges; he’ll have a short leash and in all likelihood this will be an RBBC situation.

We think the Cardinals would like to see Ryan Williams emerge as the starter.  They spent a high pick on him and Beanie Wells has a tendency to get banged up and even though he may take the field he’s continuously on the injury report and that has to make coaches uncomfortable.  Williams is the stronger play for the future but in a redraft league we’re not convinced either RB is going to be any more than a mid-level RB3 this year.  If you are going to roll the dice on one Cardinals RB we say go with Ryan Williams.

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