Three Deep Sleeper Picks for Your Fantasy Football Team

Jesse Collins, Guest Writer.

Fantasy football champions are often won and lost on deep sleeper picks. Here are three late-round options that could pay off huge dividends for your fantasy team:

Brian Quick, WR, St. Louis Rams – While most people wouldn’t peg the Rams as having one of the league’s best offenses, quarterback Sam Bradford has to throw to someone.

Why not Brian Quick?

Quick is not a household name. When you turned on your set last college football season, you didn’t see Quick torching SEC defenses and snagging one-handed touchdowns in front of 60,000 fans. That’s because he played at D1-AA Appalachian State. However, this kid has talent – and he will get to showcase it immediately. The 6-foot-3, 222-pound wideout will be a top option for Bradford in the passing game this season.

Taiwan Jones/Mike Goodson, RB, Oakland Raiders – Taiwan Jones and Mike Goodson have the great honor of backing up the oft-injured running back Darren McFadden. McFadden, who has missed 19 games in four seasons with the Raiders, could be the highest-risk fantasy running back available. If (or rather when) he gets hurt, Jones and Goodson will both hold tremendous fantasy value. Just ask last year’s Michael Bush owners.

Greg Little, WR, Cleveland Browns – If 28-year-old rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden turns out to be the franchise quarterback the Browns drafted him to be, there may not be a bigger benefactor than Greg Little. With Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace at the helm last season, Little still managed to rack up 61 receptions for 709 yards and two touchdowns. In addition to Weeden, the Browns also added bruising running back Trent Richardson in the draft, but not another wide receiver. This is a vote of confidence for Little, who will have every opportunity for a breakout year in Cleveland.

Jesse Collins has been writing about the NFL for the past two years and is currently the managing editor of

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One Response to “Three Deep Sleeper Picks for Your Fantasy Football Team”

  1. Good stuff. I love Jones explosiveness, and McFaddy is obviously injury prone as you noted. He’s got poor-man’s Chris Johnson potential if he’s given an opportunity, IMO.

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