There will be five rookies starting week 1 of the NFL season.  Russell Wilson will join the four other assumed rookie starters as the Seahawks announced that he beat  out Matt Flynn, who the team signed to a fairly sizable free agency contract in hopes that he would carry over his very good, if limited, play for the Packers to the Seahawks…apparently he didn’t.


Rotoworld believes Wilson is a high upside QB2 and that this is good news for RB Marshawn Lynch.

Zachary Thompson of likes Wilson and Jake Locker as the top QB sleepers and he believes that Russell Wilson makes the Seahawks a viable option to make the playoffs.

FFToday also likes Wilson as a QB2 and thinks this is good news for Braylon Edwards and Sidney Rice since Wilson has a bigger arm than Flynn.


We like Wilson a lot and there’s not a lot of risk taking him in QB2 territory of the draft.  The one caveat is that he may have a short leash.  He did outplay Matt Flynn in preseason, but it wasn’t like Flynn was a disaster and the rookie will see the speed of the game and complexity of defenses change when the season begins.  He may have a short leash.  So, you may want to carry three QBs on your roster if Wilson is your QB2.

You can’t pay attention to ADP when it comes to Wilson because the news is fresh.  We can, however, look at some other QB2 prospects and predict where he’ll go on your draft day.  He shouldn’t reasonably go off the board before the 11th round and we don’t expect him to last past the 13th because he has higher upside than players like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Alex Smith who are going in the 12th and 13th rounds.

When it comes to the surrounding cast we believe this does help Sidney Rice and might be a shot for him to regain some level of fantasy relevance again – but we have serious doubts about whether he can stay healthy.  On Marshawn Lynch we think the assumption that Wilson under center is automatically good news has been hasty.  Not only does Wilson have the potential to eat into his redzone production by running in TDs on his own, but as we mentioned earlier, Wilson is a rookie and you have to assume there will be struggles.  You can’t simply assume he is going to play as well in the regular season as he has in the preseason and that could lead to 8 men in the box.  We’re not moving Lynch down our board, but we are also not moving him up the board on this news.

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