The SPIN nation has spoken and they do not trust Maurice Jones-Drew enough to invest a first round pick in him.  Wise, very wise.  220 people voted and 37% said they would consider MJD in the second round or later.  The next largest group, 29% of voters, said they are staying away entirely (kind of like Chargers fans stay away from Qualcomm stadium or Dez Bryant stays away from good decisions).  Surprisingly, 15% of voters cast their vote in favor of selecting the holdout RB somewhere in the first round.

The co-host of our Fantasy Football Crystal Ball Radio show on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM EST, Jim Day, posted an article listing undraftable players and Jones-Drew led the list.  Jim points out that even if the Jags superstar back does report and is in shape (regardless, he will not be in football shape) there are challenges.  First, he has a sub-par QB and passing game and them Mike Mularkey has indicated that he will using Rashard Jennings to take part of the load in 2012.  I can’t let the opportunity for a plug go by that easily so…make sure you tune in to our live call in show on Sunday’s to get advice roster advice from Jim Day and Rob Warner; two of the best in the business.

We have been consistent in our stance that we are steering clear of Maurice Jones-Drew.  We go into more detail here, including the outside chance that he will hold out until week 10 and the unlikely possibility that he will get traded.  ADP data from our friends at reveals that MJD is still being taken high, too high.  He’s the 7th RB off the board with an ADP of 15.80.  Fantasy footballers seem willing to take a risk on Jones-Drew ahead of some more stable rushers presumably because of his excellent track record but they are not giving enough weight to the track record of hold out running backs in our opinion.  The ADP for Rashard Jennings on the other hand makes him a steal.  Jennings is currently being taken with the 130+ picks into the draft after nearly fifty other backs have been scooped up.

You cannot have MJD without backing up your investment with Rashard Jennings and you better do it well ahead of his ADP because it is becoming increasingly popular to steal Jennings in the 8th round or even sooner.

RB holdouts often end in disaster. Where would you be comfortable selecting MJD today?

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