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If ever there is a team in need of a QB, it’s the Arizona Cardinals. They reportedly flirted with the man, the myth and the legend that is Peyton Manning. Ultimately Peyton took his place in Denver to elevate the value of Eric Decker and  Demaryius Thomas.

What were the Cardinals left to do but pay Kevin “deer in the headlights” Kolb his $7M roster bonus and hope he manned up in the pocket. So far it hasn’t happened…In comes the low round draft selection from a lowly school in Brooklyn NY. John Skelton is here to save the day…who woulda thunk it possible….?

I do, and not only do I think it’s possible for Skelton to save the value of Larry Fitzgerald with another 90+ catch season but Larry has every opportunity to be the #1 overall WR in Fantasy Football for 2012. Craziness you say! Hell no I reply…

In 2011, Skelton threw 275 passes for the Cardinals in just 8 starts (well seven starts and 1 relief effort), pretty nice numbers. He threw the ball 35 times or more in five of those eight games; clearly this indicates what the Cardinals coaches know about their team. Their O-line has struggled to open running lanes this offseason as Beanie and Ryan Williams have been left to dance thier way for whatever yards they can get. The pressure is placed squarely on the shoulders of the QB in this offense and as we already mentioned, that pressure scares Kevin. It doesn’t seem to phase Skelton at all, and the willingness to get the ball to Larry is all we care about.

Fitz got 89 targets out of 275 pass attempts (33% of John Skelton’s pass attempts), the young man knows where to get his bread buttered! For arguments sake let me just project the pass attempts out to 550 and the targets out to 178 for the 2012 season. All Larry has to do is catch slightly above 50% of his targets and he’s a 90+ catch guy.

Despite the ongoing quarterback concerns since Kurt Warner’s retirement, Fitz has averaged 85 catches for 1,274 yards and seven touchdowns over the last two seasons – not too shabby. Don’t draft John Skelton…but don’t let Larry Fitzgerald be the 4th or 5th WR off the board either as he has been over the past few weeks. Julio Jones looks great, Larry Fitzgerald is great….

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