The always classy Santonio Holmes looked like he got shot by a large caliber gun when he went down on a non-contact injury and lamely gave the ball up to the Niners defense who returned if for a TD.  

It turns out that this consummate teammate and all around good guy (see Jets fans, we are not too hard on Holmes ) sustained a foot  injury,  not a knee injury as first suspected.

On Monday, X-rays came back negative, but Holmes has been ruled out for the week 5 game with Houston. ACL damage has been ruled out but this looks like a mult-week injury (possible Lisfranc injury).


Not sure what difference this is going to make.  No one was really relying on Holmes and the Jets offense is so bad at this point that you shouldn’t be relying of their options. Last week was an increasingly rare quality fantasy start for Holmes who hauled in 9 passes for 147 yards but failed to score.  

In week 4 shutout loss to the 49ers, Holmes had 8 targets before suffering his foot injury and tallied just 4 catches for 29 yards.  All kidding about Holmes’ character or severe lack thereof, it looks like a serious injury and that’s a shame for him and the Jets.  

We don’t know enough about foot ligaments to speculate further but hope that it’s not as serious as an ACL or achilles tear. For now Jeremy Kerley and Chaz Schilens could be the starting WRs for the J-E-T-S which has the makings of the worst passing game in the NFL (especially if Tim Almighty ends up under center).

Jeremy Kerly and Stephen Hill become a little more attractive but they are still limited by the Jets offense  and Mark Sanchez who looks just awful.

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