The Chargers may just be doing this to motivate Ryan Mathews.  He hasn’t been spectacular but he did miss valuable time with a broken collar bone and he’s clearly a better RB than Jackie Battle.  This boggles the mind a little bit.  We aren’t in the locker room and there may be more to this but one has to expect that Mathews will emerge as the clear starter at some point.  This is the franchise that let Drew Brees and Darren Sproles walk though so decision making isn’t exactly their strong suit.


Rob Warner included Jackie Battle in his waiver wire recommendations for this week. comments that this looks like a time share unless something changes, despite what they call (accurately) a wide gap in talent between Mathews and Battle. is still buying Mathews.  They have Mathews ranked as their #13 RB for week 5.   They look at Battle as being worthy of flex consideration with a ranking of 28.  Check out their rankings HERE.

The CBS take on the situation is not to give up on Mathews yet.  They point out that the Chargers have the pleasure of facing the league’s worst run defense in week five when they go up against the Saints.  That should bode well for Mathews if he gets a shot.


There is no way the Chargers think Jackie Battle is the answer.  Ryan Mathews is the better back and while this will be much more of a time share then owners expected when they drafted Mathews in the late first or early second round Mathews will emerge as the most productive RB on the Chargers.  We doubt at this point that he is going to have week-in-week-out fantasy football RB1 numbers but he will have some weeks where he explodes.   Consistency may be an issue and his hook may be short in games where he struggles.

You simply can’t give up on a guy you drafted that early and who has that kind of potential.  We say start him this week and cross your fingers that this just a ploy from the Chargers to light a fire.  Going up against the Saints would have any running back’s mouth watering and Mathews could explode.

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