With six teams on bye, many owners had to resort to waiver wire additions in order to survive and a few lesser known RBs delivered major dividends. Today we present FantasyTrade411.com’s detailed look at each of the 12 NFL games from week 7 from a fantasy perspective.

CJ?K owners should be offering him up in trade offers after he looked like less of a dancer against the pop warner Bills defense. CJ’s schedule down the stretch is brutal and we expect many more 20 carry for 40 yard performances on the horizon. He gets the Shonn Greene sell high award this week.

Arizona’s revolving door at RB opened for La’Rod Stephens-Howling (nicknamed the hyphen by teammates) to emerge as one of the bigger surprises on Sunday as he topped 100 yards against the stout Minnesota defense.

Running behind one of the weaker O-lines in the game will make him a dicey start going forward but its worth noting that he is an above average receiver and showed surprising power in week 7 despite his Webster-esque physique (just 5’7, 185).

Another waiver wire darling John Dwyer also topped the century mark on Sunday night but his value depends more on the injury rehabs of Mendy and Redman. The hyphen has a better chance at multiple week starts in our opinion but neither has much more than flex appeal for the remainder of the season.

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