Byron Leftwich will get the start.  Leftwich is so immobile that they haven’t a word to adequately describe his lack of mobility.  Think of a 85 year-old man with knee and hip replacements and a walker that about sums it up.  He also isn’t so good at throwing the ball any longer.


Our good friends at ProFootballFocus Fantasy have Isaac Redman slightly higher on their rankings than they have Rashard Mendenhall, although they are not looking at either as anything more than low-end RB3 material. has Mike Wallace all the way down at #29 on their Week 11 WR rankings and comment on the loss of Roethlisberger as hurting his value significantly.


It goes without saying, although I never got that saying because you are in effect saying it when you say it goes without saying, that the Steeler’s passing components are all downgraded as long at Big Ben is not at the helm.

What’s interesting looking around the fantasy football world is that everyone seems to have a different opinion when it comes to the Steeler’s RBs.  We looked at three of the best expert rankers out there and got three different steel city (iron city?  btw, have you tried that beer?  awful, like water that has nickels soaking in it for a month) running backs ranked highest among the group.  PFF Fantasy had Isaac Redman ranked highest, had Jonathan Dwyer ranked highest, and has Mendenhall ranked highest.  The common denominator is that they all had them ranked outside of RB2 status and some had them ranked below even comfortable flex status.

If you have Mike Wallace you still have to start him.  Leftwich may lock in on him all game.  That could lead to interceptions but it could also lead to a lot of receptions and we have seen what Wallace can do after catching even a very short pass.  More on the RBs to come but the best advice we can give until we learn what the definitive plan for the backfield is, if one emerges, is to plan on going elsewhere for starters unless the matchup is favorable.

In week 11, the Steelers host an injury riddled Raven defense that ranks 26th against the pass (258 YPG) but have yielded just 8 passing TDs all season. The run defense is also sub par as Baltimore ranks 26th against the run (132 YPG) and are allowing the 11th most fantasy PPG to opposing RBs. These are not the vaunted Ravens of year’s past and this game could be slightly more high scoring than expected on Sunday Night Football (Vegas Over/Under is 41 points). Mike Wallace and Heath Miller remain starter worthy but outside of those two all bets are off.

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