Andy Reid is awful.  I will never understand the national perception that this guy is great.  There was one point in the game on Sunday where the Eagles rookie QB had passed the ball 17 times and McCoy had rushed only 5 times.  When asked why he didn’t run more he replied by claiming the Redskins would be expecting the run.   Really, Andy!  There are a few things you can rest assured no one would ever expect you to do Andy; miss a meal, exercise, and run the ball.  In his infinite genius Reid finally decided the time to run McCoy was to with about two minutes left and 25 points down.  Jackass.


Bryce Brown will see significant action if McCoy can’t go on Monday night against the Panthers.  McCoy’s concussion is being called slight, but the NFL takes concussions very seriously so despite the extra day of rest many view McCoy playing as a long shot.  It’s been a disappointing year for McCoy owners because of how Reid has, or has not, used him.  Brown should be owned by McCoy owners if they can grab him off of waivers.  The rookie rusher stands 6’0 and weights in about 225 lbs.  He has looked good at times but less than dynamic overall.  The Eagles believe in him but the fact is that the Eagles simply don’t employ the run and it’s been a major part of their downfall and why we believe Reid is among the worst game day coaches in the league.

We will keep you posted.


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