Could this be the week?  Seems like we ask that question every week and since week 6 the answer has been no.  The news on the foot is good and Jason Garrett has said that Murray wouldn’t necessarily have to practice fully before returning to action.  There is no definitive word on whether or not he will play so this is up in the air for at least one more week.


If you own Murray or Felix Jones you are in a holding pattern until further notice.  You have to love the matchup against a team that has quit in a very un-Eaglelike way.  Murray will have fresh legs but may be eased into action.  So much remains to be seen and said on this that we can’t make a recommendation.  If Murray plays, Jones value will plummet, but if the Cowboys do say they will ease Murray in by sharing the load rather than being a bell cow in Week 13 then both Jones and Murray might have Flex appeal.  We will keep you posted.

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