Bryce Brown it is once again.  In our estimation it would be a mistake to play Lesean McCoy at all from here on out.  The Eagles season is over and mercifully for Eagles fans the Andy Reid era is drawing to a close as well.  Barring an injury it’s clear that we won’t see Michael Vick  on the field and reading between the lines in Reid’s recent comments it seems the same can be said for McCoy.


Tampa Bay may have shut down Brown, but Evan Silva argues that they shut everyone down and banks on the more aggressive rush style of the Bengals offensive line opening them up to some big plays and a good day for Brown. has Bryce Brown at #15 on their Week 15 rankings. 



The majority of the early rankings have Brown just outside of RB1 range.  He’s generally falling in the #13-#18 range.  That may be an overreaction to a poor week in Week 14 or it may be more realistic reassessment of his potential.  It’s hard to say.  Brown clearly has size and speed and despite holding the ball like a loaf of bread he didn’t make any critical fumbles last week.  He’s a guy you can’t sit despite the Bengals defense giving up the 7th fewest fantasy points per game over the last 5 contests and surrendering just 2 TDs on the ground over that period.   We like Brown as an RB2 and barring a poor performance that assessment probably holds for the remainder of the year.

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