Our friends at scored an interview with NFL Network reporter Jason La Canfora and he had some fascinating things to say.  According to La Canfora, who is about as plugged in as one can be, the Texans are going to give Slaton ever opportunity to win the starting RB role.  He also added that he sees Larry Johnson beating out Portis for carries in Washington in the battle for which jackass will start in DC.


Here is the interview in full from Razzball.  Well worth the read.

Fox Sports’ Mike Harmon isn’t buying Steve Slaton.  He has Ben Tate listed as #1 on his sleeper list. has the Texans backs ranked like this – Tate #27, Foster #37, Slaton #49. Here are their fullre-draft rankings.


Well, this certainly confuses things further.  Many people have been speculating that the battle was more between second year back Arian Foster and rookie Ben Tate.   I am liking everyone in this backfield less and less all the time.  Whoever wins this battle will likely have the other backs breathing down their back.  Kubiak has a short leash and three seemingly good options to insert at any time.  That’s a recipe for frustration.  I’m leaning more and more toward avoiding this situation in re-draft and dynasty leagues.    This news is enough to get off the fence on the Hardesty vs. Tate issue – I’m officially a Hardesty man, until I change my mind.

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One Response to “Jason La Canfora Tells the Texans Want Slaton to Win RB Battle.”

  1. Yeah, not a situation I am going to get involved in. The shame of it is – if one back could emerge he could be huge in that one cut offense of Kubiak. The Texans have the kind of aerial assault that can keep defenses honest.

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