Ryan Cook’s ‘Mr. Fix It’ column on the Bleach Report today looks at what Seattle needs to rejuvenate their offense.   Cook envisions either Clausen or Colt McCoy ending up in Seattle and thinks they need to consider Terrel Owens.   it begs the question of whether or not you want to expose a young QB to a guy that has thrown three veteran QBs under the bus and caused major problems in three cities.


  • looks at Whitehurst’s potential to be the franchise QB.  The best part of the article though is the fact that the Seattle fans have taken to calling him “Clipboard Jesus”.  Maybe the best nickname ever, which is appropriate for the best QB never to throw a pass.
  • I like the plan I found from Chris Cluff, also at, he has eight things that he thinks Seattle needs to do to improve and I agree with most of them, particularly the plan plan to take a Left Tackle that is ready to start.


Short term a rookie QB hurts everyone in the Seattle offense as far as value.  The bounty they gave up for Charlie Whitehurst indicates to me that they are going to at least give him a look.  I’m still of the thought that they come out of Thursday night with a LT and CJ Spiller.  If they roll the dice with a Tackle at #6 and Spiller is off the board at #14, Dex Bryant (if he were to fall that far) would be a logical choice.  With a new LT and either Spiller or Bryant the starting QB in Seattle is a winner.  His value has to go up whether it be Whitehurst or Hasselbeck.  No other RB has much value now and the little value they have is gone if Spiller is in the backfield.  Unfortunately, Spiller himself doesn’t project to be a fantasy winner either.

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