Truth be told, this is an unfinished story.  Until we know what the Broncos do in the draft to replace Brandon Marshall we can’t definitively say what will happen in Denver, but we have an idea.  Here is what we know..

Chad Henne is a better fantasy football investment than Kyle Orton, although neither one should be considered a starter in leagues with 12 or less teams.  The Dolphins run too much to see Henne as a top 10 finisher in yards or passing TDs.  For the A.D.D. among us, check out this video from Eric Karabell at ESPN, he explains a little about why Henne might be worth taking as a #2 QB in 2010.  It’s embedded in an article from Christopher Harris that is worth a read.

Marshall is tricky.  Even with 101 receptions last year he only amassed a little over 1,100 yards and 10 TDs.  His ranking and value should remain fairly unchanged in performance and standard scoring leagues.  But, his falls a couple spots in a point per reception league.  He might haul in 15-20  less receptions.  He’s still a top 8 WR in my mind, probably top 5.

I think Dave Richard and Jamey Eisenberg do the most entertaining job in these cases.  They go head to head and debate values of players and teammates involved in the two big WR trades that went down this week, Santonio Holmes to the Jets and Marshall to the Dolphins.

The supporting casts of WRs?  I think the Broncos have to find a number 1, because Eddie Royal is nothing special and he’s not going to be in that offense.  Those of us that hoped he would fill the Wes Welker role for McDaniels in Denver seem to have been proven wrong.  Don’t expect him to catapult into starting fantasy numbers all of the sudden.

In Miami, either someone has to emerge as the clear #2 playing opposite Marshall and benefiting from seeing coverage rolling Marshall’s way or none of them are worth a spot on your team.  This is a situation that should be watched carefully in the pre-season.

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5 Responses to “Fantasy Football Fallout of Brandon Marshall Trade”

  1. I agree with SCOTT’S earlier analysis, take McClain in the first and Thpmas, Benn or the big wr from south Florida in the 2nd. Why deal with another possible headache.

  2. Are you kidding. I’m tired of sites, this one included apparently, that can’t see that Bryant isn’t a criminal. I mean come on. I’m not impartial as an OK St. Alumni but I know people still down there that say he’s not a bad teammates. Immature yes, malicious no.

  3. Immature doesn’t translate into a good pro teammates. It fore shadows contract hold outs and b.s. take a LB to address the pitiful run D and Wr in rd 2. I’d lime to hear more about what Miami fans are.saying about Henne’s fantasy prospects. Didn’t see him play much.

  4. Strength Coach, I have the NFL package and saw him play a few time year. He looks food but like they point out here its the system that doesn’t make for a lot of fantasy points.

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