Wide receiver diva Randy Moss has joined the Tennessee Titans instantly making the combination of Moss and Kenny Britt one of the best receiving tandems in the NFL.  Add that to the running game fueled by Chris Johnson and all of the sudden you have an offense to be reckoned with.


L.R. Rader in his Pancake Blocks article says that Britt will benefit and from a pass catcher perspective he is the only one that this is really good news for of the existing Titans.

Roger Rotter of FOX Sports points out that the Titans have a very advanteagous schedule as far as the weak passing defenses they face.  He thinks Scaife and Chris Johnson will also benefit from this move.


The only question here is whether or not the combination of Kerry Collins and/or Vince Young can get the ball to Moss.  Based on how Collins successfully tore apart the Eagles secondary and got the ball to Britt, we see no reason why they cannot.  We really like what this should do for Britt, when he comes back and with a slight caveat that hamstrings can be a recurring nightmare for wide outs.  Britt is sure to miss at least one game and he should be out two, maybe three games in all.  For the games that Britt misses, we think Gage will be a decent start, especially if you need to replace Britt on your roster.  Gage will be relegated to the bench again when Britt returns, but in his absence he will have the benefit of playing opposite Moss and that is always a good place to be for a receiver.

Chris Johnson has missed some of the big play explosiveness that made him a record breaker last year and Moss should create the kind of space to enable that again.  We think people are going overboard in saying that Scaife will benefit from this.  I mean, how many balls are there to go around?  If Chris Johnson is going to score more and so is Britt, and Moss, then how can Scaife?

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